Magic Beyond Words 2011


“What do you think, will you ever see Harry Potter in there? Not bloody likely.”

This film shows how all our favourite characters and the world we long to be part of came to life. I personally think that this film is super inspiring to other people who much like myself want to become a writer themselves. In my personal opinion I find that this film highlights ongoing struggles that people face in their everyday life such as death, illness and domestic abuse. Also I feel like this film does show ways to overcome those struggles. Also again in my opinion, J.K Rowling is one of the highest regarded writers of our generation, for someone to go through as much struggle as her and still be able to use that struggle to create such a beautiful world for us all to share.    I also think that the works that she has created will be long kept on children and adult’s bookshelf for years to come. I know that my Harry Potter works will stay on my shelf long after I’ve grown up.
I would personally like to thank J.K Rowling for creating this amazing world that people all over the world have had the chance to be involved in
So in all, please watch this film everybody I feel like it’s a must to watch either for inspiration of becoming a writer or just plain rewatching. Thank you for reading.

Love always,

Terri x


Author: Words Of Terri

I am a lover of all things Literature, vintage art and calligraphy. I hope to be forever optimistic about future endeavours.

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